Pruning a Nectarine Tree

Feb 11, 2023
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Central OK
United States
New here from Central OK.
I have watched a lot on videos on pruning nectarine trees but they still confuse me. I planted mine 10 years ago as a potted tree (think it was a dwarf). It got too big for the pot so I transplanted it in the ground. I'm pretty sure I pruned it wrong when I first planted it because in all the videos I've watched the tree trunks are maybe waist high. Mine is a lot higher as you can see (I'll get better pics tomorrow during the day with close ups). I have tried to prune it in the past but I think I've just butchered it. Now, most of the branches are way too tall. So, which one do I trim. Do I cut the tips off the smaller branches with buds on them? How many branches do I leave on? I'll definitely need to prune the tall ones.
Any comments and advice appreciated.
Thank you.


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