Propagating Money Tree / Pachira Aquatica

Feb 8, 2017
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United States

I was recently gifted a money tree. As the tree seemed to be too tall for my bay windows (standing at around nearly 8ft and keeled over), and as it only had one tall leg and two other much shorter/sparse legs, i decided spring was a good time to propagate and try and encourage the tree to become a bit bushier around the bottom. The tree also had some rot and ants which i had to take care of in the weeks prior.

I cut the branch with sterilized cutters on a 45 angle at a point on the main tree where new branches could grow from a node, about half way mark, and cut the upper brunch with three nodes at the bottom. I've dipped the cutting in rooting hormone and re-potted in a moss/perlite mix. It currently had 9 nodes with leaves on the top - I'm assuming this is excessive and i should snap some of the bottom ones back to encourage new growths - does anyone have any advice on my next steps from here? I understand this may not work, but the tree had to be cut anyway so thought i would give this a shot..

For the main leg, I'd read that it was possible it might sprout from a dormant node if you cut it above one, but ive seen conflicting information around this (and obviously no guarantees). Should i chop that branch right down now or wait a few weeks and see if anything happens?

Any advice would be much appreciated!





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