Ponytail palm loosing leaves quickly

Aug 26, 2019
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We have many ponytail palms. Our largest one (7 feet tall) recently had what seemed like mold on it. The mold was all over the soil too. We decided to repot her with new soil (when we did that, we discovered the soil smell awful, I mean just disgusting).

The new soil was a mixture of probably around 40% indoor potting soil, 40% perlite, and 20% sand. We normally have moil soil but since it was getting a mold problem we tried to change our mixture.

We were also told that we could spray her roots with lime sulfur to protect her from mold if it comes back so we did that.

Ever since this, she has lost 80% of her leaves (in about a month). They are going completely brown at an alarming rate. There is even one of the very young leaves that is totally brown now.

Any idea what might be going on? Is the lime sulfur the problem? Is it preventing her from drinking? Is there something we can do?



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