Pineapple Problems

Jun 18, 2022
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San Jose, CA 9B
United States
Hi all, first post here! I am struggling with my white pineapple, and desperately need help. I attached a picture. I planted the top last August and it survived the cold "winter" in my garage (9B). I've tried different fertilizers (fish, sea grow 16-16-16, leaves and soil), more water, less water, but the leaves are really red, and it is getting worse.

I'm not a stranger to tropicals. I'm trying to grow a bunch of stuff including achacha, jaboticaba, pitangatuba, guavas, and others, all in containers. My passionfruits have gone crazy here and I also have my normal garden of 30 tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, etc. I mention this to give an idea of my climate.

Any ideas what to try? Soil pH is around neutral, which I will try to lower. I was planning to use citric acid. I was thinking perhaps to much sun, but I thought they love sun. I really want to get this thing to grow. I appreciate any advice!


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