Philodendron Silver Cloud - any help appreciated!

Jun 7, 2021
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Hi everyone,
This is my other rare plant (just posted about my variegated monstera) so I'm not doing too well with my rare ones! This guy suffered from spider mights so both the leaf and a new growing leaf died, since treating it, the stalk hasn't died (yay!) and it looks like it might be growing? Just wondering if anyone has any tips for keeping this guy happy as it has been a few months like this. Humidity and a heat mat maybe? It's getting indirect light and we are heading in to winter here (it doesn't usually drop below 8 degrees C during the night).

Under the dead remnants of previous leaf it is green, and maybe there's a spot for a new leaf coming? I've attached some photos with arrows. I'm not sure whether to expose the green growth under the dead casing?

Thank you!




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