Pepper seedling (aji charapita) leaf tip issues

May 11, 2020
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United States
As shown in the pictures, the younger sets of leaves are showing some type of damage / distress. I've read that it could be a variety of things (light bleaching, salt burn, incorrect ph, or the complete lack of nutrients.) but since these aji charapita peppers were grown in the same conditions as the shishito peppers which look fine, I'm struggling to identify the culprit - do these pictures indicate any specific issue in your opinion?

Lack of nutrients seems possible, as I started the seedlings in coir and transplanted right around when the second set of leaves emerged - maybe I waited too long? Given that the newest leaves seem healthier maybe this isn't a significant issue but would still be good to know what caused that stress

  • Started seeds in coir (no nutes),16 hrs light (LED 100watt), ~75F heat mat and ~70 degree room temp
  • Repotted right around when second true leaves emerged
  • Repotted into mix coast of maine potting mix, worm castings, diatomaceous earth for moisture retention




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