Peach trees

May 1, 2021
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Chicago, Illinois
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United States
I am feeling guilty to cut down the peach trees in my yard. In a nut shell, 2 years ago I bought this home and didn't know just how bad the "jungle" was here. I let everything grow the first year to see what was growing. Last summer I redid the yard.

The first year I couldn't harvest any peaches because of squirrels and birds. Second year (last year, when I redid the yard) the peaches came in. I have 3 peach trees pretty big and mature. I begged family and neighbors to take them. Well I couldn't give everything away, and the squirrels and birds continued to knock peaches on the ground. I threw out at least 10 bags of peaches on the ground. Gave away about 30 bags, and still had a LOT! Well last year the wasps, bees, bald faced hornets took over my yard.

My daughter almost 2 and playing outside actively now. I cut down one tree and going to get rid of the other 2. I feel awful doing this but I also can't risk my child getting attacked by wasps and bald faced hornets like I did last year. Im telling you it was bad! My neighbor and I called pest control and they said nothing can be done because the nests were not on our property and coming elsewhere for the nectar. Please tell me its OK. I am a single mom and these trees are to much maintenance.


Feb 13, 2021
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United Kingdom
My neighbor and I called pest control and they said nothing can be done because the nests were not on our property and coming elsewhere for the nectar.
I would be tempted to set up a feeding station well before the peaches were ripe. I'd make it as high as I could so the wasps and hornets were not interfering with me and mine at ground level, like a six foot high bird table with a plate of sugar water. Then, when the nasties were all using it I would add some thing for them to take back to their nest that would wipe it out. I don't know what would be available to you there, but something like an insect powder easily mixed in and disguised by the sugar.

It is a shame to lose your peach trees, and peaches, but if it is the ones on the ground attracting them and you can't keep up with clearing them up the idea of importing something that could clear them up occurs to me, like borrowing a pig for a couple of weeks, mind you maybe not so easy in Chicago.

The other thing is that there is no future in attacking a human for an insect, they do it when they feel they need to protect themselves. Mind you wasps and hornets are worse than most, and two is quite little.

On the other hand you could cut down the others and have done with it, probably easier in the long run so long as they don't start chasing your little girl for her sweets or sweet drinks and invading your kitchen in the absence of peaches.

Life is hard, you have my sympathy, but I am afraid those are my best suggestions.

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