Peach Tree - Leaves Wilting & Turning Red

Aug 6, 2020
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United States

I planted a peach tree last fall that was gifted to me and am completely unqualified to be trying to keep it alive. I've done some pruning, put some fertilizer on it, sprayed with some anti-bug around March but otherwise I've pretty much let it grow. Located in Dallas, TX.

In the last few weeks the leaves have started turning red. In searching around, I would guess underwatering it but I feel like the area seems pretty consistently damp - it's a moderate size hole of dirt / clay mix in an otherwise pure-clay backyard. I'm a little worried about overwatering since I don't think there's really any drainage from the clay that surrounds it. Anyway, I've put the pictures below and would love to hear any advice. Big takeaway from my research is I need to remove enough of the soil to uncover the root flare and probably get some real fertilizer, not just whatever I happened to grab at Lowe's.

Thanks in advance for any advice y'all may have!




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