Overseeding Lawn - Kentucky blue grass or perennial rye

Jul 3, 2020
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Western Michigan
Hardiness Zone
United States
I am needing to overseed and rebuild a lawn. I am in west Michigan zone 6, first frost mid October.

Most of my soil is rather to very good but a few area were badly disturbed 2 years ago or this spring. Two small patches were where maples were removed this spring. One area where a maple and a spruce were removed then major excavation was done for a new storm sewer line and sidewalk install. This sidewalk area still has some very sandy areas where sand/subsoil was brought up.

My general philosophy on lawns is I can't eat them so I want little work and no costly inputs to maintain them. I don't want to bring in fertilizer and pesticides a few times a year.

I use a reel mower (American Mower 1815) but also have a gas string trimmer (Stihl FS38).

I have started cutting the lawn as low as i can and removing as much crab grass as I can.

Should I look to Kentucky Bluegrass or Perennial Rye? I am also thinking of seeding in Dutch White Clover as there are a few patches in my yard and the lawn there seems to be great.

I am thinking I want to seed it soonly - this week or next. The 10 day forecast shows highs of about 80F and lowes about 55 F.


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