OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Dark cloud's overhead,

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Peace perfect peace

Greeting all,
Yes one thing the farmers are good at is weather forcast "But the cow's are better at it"
I was walking back from our daily walk and i noticed the cows laying down in a circle and true to form the clouds are now looking dark and like a showers on its way, Im pleased to be honest we could do with a free watering around the garden,

Ive actualy seen another human today, this car was coming down the track and pulled up to say hello, it was the district nurse doing her rounds,
It was nice to talk to her ,
she was telling me we have a new neighbour 6km down the track and he lives alone and comes from Paris,

She said he is a bit nasty but means well, when i asked in what way nasty, She said an old lady next door to him (Madam Barboo) greeted him with hello friend,

He replied Im not your friend im new to this area and walked back into his house,

I remember when we first came here on my wifes advice we went an introduced ourselves to all six neighbours in the hamlet,

We thought as the new folk and being foreigners (not french) it was the right thing to do, every home invited us in and we soon found out the country folk are not keen on the people from the capital Paris,
As time passed and we felt excepted i asked why dont the locals like the folk from Paris and it was because they said these people make all the rules and take the tax's etc,
It stems back to the early days when the wealthy lived the high life and the counrty folk had little, hence the revolution,
"But" it was said by a few french neighbours they were pleased we we're english and to be honest we've never had such good neighbours,

But our new neighbour has'nt set himself a good gold star for being friendly and his house is the only semi for miles around here, But we'll see what the future brings for him,:unsure:

Playing now on the CD (TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART, Bonnie Tyler)


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