Onion Harvest 2019


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Feb 5, 2019
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Last summer, legume cover crops were planted in the prospective onion bed. These were shredded several times and regrown up until frost providing tremendous soil building nutrients for the prospective onion sets:

In late Nov. 300 sets of the short day 1015 onion were planted into the bed of turned under peas and next to the winter cover crops:

300 onions.JPG

A cold, wet winter grudgingly gave way to warmer temps and at one month to harvest, the crop was looking excellent:

one month to go onions 2019.JPG

The wet weather persisted through the growing season and finally gave way to 4 consecutive dry days in mid-May in which the onions could be harvested, dried in the sun, tops removed, and moved to their storage location until their use this winter. From the original 300 sets, approximately 200 pounds of 1015 onions were harvested most running from 1 to 2 pounds with one freak that went over 4 pounds.

onion harvest 2019.JPG

Time will tell how well this crop will store, but with any luck, it should carry us into the next crop harvest when a new batch of sets become delicious sweet 1015 onions.


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