Old style broom brush

May 10, 2019
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Greetings to all,
I did manage to do a little (and i do mean little gardening today)
Im clearing the rear of a large border so it can have Lupins and fox gloves in this border And so having cut down all the brambles in one section I got the rotovator out and rotovated the roots out of these brambles ,

Now having finished the task for today i needed to brush some soil that had falled off the rotovator and onto the lawn, and so the very old home made brush came out,
It was only after i'd put all the tools away i was sitting on the bench watching the moon arriving for the night shift, that i thought Ive had that brush for near on 20 years And it still works just as well as when i made it,
Some times we tend not to give credit for some tools/machines that dont really cost much when you think of the service given by them, ie a washing machine,
We've had ours for years and it gets used a few times a week,
Yes the verious common brushes as used for all kinds of home & garden task are one item we do take for granted,
Here's a poem ref the common LOO BRUSH.

The Loo Brush
Being a loo brush is'nt all it's made out tobe,
Sitting on a cold floor waiting to be rushed down the "PAN" and used in haste to remove that sticking stuff that looks like brown tooth paste
And then after this rush !!!!!!!!!!!! there's that dreaded flush and then returned to stand in that brush holder still soaking wet !!!!!!

A better Job i want to get,

Like maybe a Loo paper holder, A job that leaves me dry.

Pink, Blue, White, paper with writing on each piece that says "Goverment issue "Please use both sides"

Yes a job like a Loo paper Holder would be one I'd do with pride,
Yes i do think that life could be greener on the other side.

By Daniel Seamingway.

Good night folks .


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