New pitcher plant!

Apr 16, 2019
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today I got a purple pitcher plant from a local garden/pond store. (I'm not 100% on the type) I have some experience with vfts and thought a pitcher would be lovely! I do have a couple questions though.

they had the plastic pot sitting in water. the worker told us this is best but in my reading I found that it's best not to keep the roots soaked, in which case root rot could develop, much like vfts. it was also very root bound.
when I got home I carefully removed some roots (was near impossible to get it out of the pot without doing so.. yikes) and removed the weeds growing with it. I also removed/trimmed the dead heads/bodys.
I repoted it in a fully glazed ceramic pot, with well draining soil, (mix of coco peat, spag moss and pumice) and small rocks on the very bottom. I will water when soil starts the feel dry, and with only rainwater. it's in my windows (with Venus fly traps) where it gets pretty nice sun. my window is open for a few hours daily.

now my questions..
with attached pictures, are you able to determine the variety? I can always post in plant id thread.
I cut off one of the heads where it was dying, and it seems to be like packed with dirt I'm assuming? is this normal?
as far as feeding goes (as in insects, not fertilizer) I was thinking I would feed one head one bug a few times a month? how do you feed yours?



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