New Loquat tree showing puckered leaves :(

Sep 16, 2019
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Heyo :)

A few months ago i bought home a posh Loquat from work (it came from a famous farm in Japan), separated the seeds and planted them in a large pot (my ground soil is awful here)

After many months, in late summer, one of the seeds has sprouted! I was deliriously happy to see it, and I've been watering it attentively and giving it a good mix of sun and shade, but I've noticed that a few of the earliest leaves have come to appear puckered and dimpled, slightly discoloured.

This gives me pause because other plants I've grown in this corner of my plot (a cucumber and some zucchini plants in particular) developed a similar thing, and none of those plants flourished very much. I had to cut off most of such leaves.

Anyway here's my question. Is my shoot ok?

If not, what's wrong? Should i give it some new minerals? Different amounts of sunlight? More or less water? Should i move it? It is next to a giant neighborhood hillside retaining wall which is covered in weeds and vines, could they be sending out spores that are making the soil in my pots unsuitable? Could it be the work of insects?

Let me know what you think!




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