Need advice in growing Hyacinths indoor

Nov 13, 2013
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need an advice about Hyacinths.
If i plant Hyacinth bulbs indoor(on 23d of november), what time will they need to grow and to blossom?
As in the room is no natural light, should i use flourescent lights or something special?
Will the plant need to be watered everyday?

Thanks you so much !


Aug 10, 2021
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United States
Greetings welcome to the forums.

To force Hyacinths (Hyacinthus orientalis cvs.) or most other hardy bulbs, a period of vernalization (chilling) is required. This can be measured as either hours or weeks of temperatures between 35º to 45º F (1.5º-7º C). During this time the bulb must remain in darkness. In colder climates this can be done by placing bulb pots outdoors in a sheltered spot or burying them in the ground. Another option for all climates is to vernalize the bulbs in the refrigerator. One full week of chilling in a refrigerator is 168 hours.

My personal experience may be enlightening. My garden (USDA Zone 9b/10a) often gets less than a thousand vernalization hours a year, and I have Hyacinths that return year after year. They begin to emerge in late Winter when they have like only received about 500 hours of chilling. Furthermore, this chilling is not continuous as daytime high temperatures often greatly exceed parameters for vernalization.

500 hours of chilling would be about 3 weeks of continuous chilling in a refrigerator, far less than the 11-14 weeks recommended by many protocols. Make of this what you will, but you may be able to vernalize Hyacinths for less time than standard recommendations.

Some bulbs from warmer climates such as Paper-white Narcissus (Narcissus papyraceus) or Florist's Amaryllis (Hippeastrum cvs) have become popular for Winter forcing as the do not require any vernalization.

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