Mycorrhizal fungi/ gurken

Jul 10, 2019
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United Kingdom
hey all
First off i started using mycorrhizal fungi this year after a friend told me he swears by it, i had read there are no signs of the fungus working but i have for the first year tiny little mushrooms all over the place, it could be a coincidence because its been so warm and humid recently?

second: because the the month of may was so shocking i only got my stuff in the ground on the 29th of may, everything is moving along and looking good, how long do cucumbers and crystal lemon cucumbers take to get large. they say gardener are patient people, that's not my experience lol

last point: i bought some 100 percent cold pressed neem oil with azadirachtin because i have some trouble with aphids at the mo. it says you should test it on 1 plant first, how long do i leave it to make sure it does't have an adverse effect on it
thanks in advance


Oct 8, 2017
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Birmingham Alabama
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I would not say fungally active soil is goingbto make a plant jump out of the ground, but they tend to keep a stable moisture and have available nutrients so there is this general health that is pretty obvious. And yes the fungi you see are working the soil.They have deep roots and spread all over. When they die they provide no dig organic matter. A little molassess keeps that going.

Cucumbers are heat lovers and we can pick some around 60 days from seed so thats pretty fast, but its 90f here.

Oils and water for that matter attract and hold heat from the sun, so they can scald a plant if the weather is right. Neem is a bit clingy in that regard where water may evaporate by the time the sun is high. I cannot recall hurting a plant with neem, or anything I would have noticed anyway. I do tend to be careful with insecticides like spraying at night after the worker bees have closed up the flowers and gone home for the day.

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