My Maranta is suddenly dying...

Jul 29, 2020
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I bought my maranta leuconeura 3 months ago and kept it near a south-east window with bright indirect light. I was watering it (tap water) about once a week (fertilized it 3 times) and it was doing great. Lots of new growth and flowering. Because I noticed the last two leaves coming out a littled lighter than usual and the flowers drying before they even open I assumed that the light was getting a little too bright for the plant. So I moved it one meter away from that window and bottom watered it before it got completely dry because we are experiencing a heat wave. Then, two days later, I noticed two of the leaves were curling. The plant was more exposed to the warm wind at that spot so I thought I just shocked it when I opened the window the previous day. Then I left for one day and when I came back it was so much worse. I took it out of the pot and realised that the soil was soggy and had even some powdery mildew at some spots. I left it out of its pot to help it dry for 3 days and when the soil was only a little wet I repotted it back to its pot(which I previously cleaned well) with fresh soil and pumice stone. Its been one day and it became worse, the plant seems completely dead. I took a healthy cutting to propagate but it is too small. Please help me understand what went wrong.. Was it overwatering, heat shock or both of them? And could I possibly save something?


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