My hydroponic houseplants

Feb 22, 2020
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Hi everyone! My hydroponicly grown houseplants are growing quite well, so I wanted to show some pictures and talk about how I am growing them. First is my Clivia, 'Elizabeth'...she is currently sending up buds (at the wrong time of year...she had just finished blooming when I purchased her in January);
Elizabeth the Clivia.jpeg
The coir pellets under Elizabeth are some coleus seedlings I am growing...they have sprouted, but have not grown any primary leaves yet.

Below Elizabeth is my African violet ('Viola'), my Pepperomia ('Broc'), and my Anthurium (not named yet, my mom gave me it a few weeks ago). Here is a 'family picture';
Viola, Broc, and friends.jpeg
Finally, below them is my unnamed Chinese evergreen;
Chinese evergreen.jpeg
All of my grown houseplants were purchased as normal plants in dirt. I rinsed and otherwise cleaned their roots off, and then planted them in pots with drainage holes and filled those pots with expanded clay media. These pots were then placed in a larger container partially filled with hydroponics solution, up to a third of the way up the pot; I start at seedling strength solution and double that after a few weeks. Once a week, the pots are rinsed out with tap water, the plants are rotated and trimmed as needed, and new solution is added. I am using a similar concept with my hydroponic veggies, the exception being that after the seedlings are moved to the clay media they are also top watered for the first two weeks to help them adjust. My lettuce outside is thriving under this is a picture from a few days ago;
Hydroponics setup.jpeg
Hope you enjoy reading this :)


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