my first experience of a french countryside hotel and the wooded view

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Peace perfect peace

Evening all,
I though i'd tell you a little about how the french both like woods / forest views,
It all began when we first started to buy our very first french holiday home, We'd spent just about every weekend on the net looking at french homes for sale until we decided to come over and spend a few days looking at what was on offer and what you get for your money,

My wife decided she'd seen the perfect house and that was the one for us, we arranged a viewing and had three days to both sort our dogs out while we we're away and get here,
My wife being able to talk french booked a hotel in this little village near to the property,
We had a 600mile one way trip to just get here and then the return trip, "But we we're both excited to be taking another trip in life doing something we'd never done,
We arrived at Dover and then france, "only 400miles to go" it was now 10am french time and the hotel said we could book in up to 11pm we talked about it
And i'd said even at 30mph we'd still get to the hotel, and as we'd be on the motorway driving at 70/80MPH it would be no problem,

Food and the use of toilets didnt come into the plan or stopping for fuel,
We arrived at the hotel with about 30mins to go pre doors locked, I did all the driving and i was knackerd,

We pulled this chain bell and a window on the second floor opened and a lady said she'd be down in a moment,

I remember her face she had this eye pencil black line running from her nose area almost to her ear, she scared the life out of me,
She took us to this very dim hallway and up to the top floor and said this is your room, breakfast will be delivered at 7am and left outside your door, and off she went,
We opened the door and i managed to drag the cases in and close the door, It was then shock hit us both, the wall paper was of a forest scene with big trees and the ceiling was also papered with the same forest scene, as was all the doors, The lighting was of poor voltage and only two wall lights and the street lamp outside the window,
I was so tired i just stripped off and fell asleep, the village was half empty, both shops and houses,
At 7am a thud thud was heard on the door and the voice telling us our tray was outside,
It was now we found or should i say couldnt find the door, it was the same as the walls and the cieling we both we're trying to feel for a door handle or even the shape of a doorway,
Then we found this handle and i pushed it downwards and it opened "we we're like a couple of kids who'd just found a way out of a maze, "But" as the door opened we found it was'nt the door to breakfast or freedom but to the Loo and a huge metal bath. And another papered set of walls, this time of a Paris city centre scene,
It really did take ages to find the correct door to the hallway and that tray of cold coffee and bread roll and jam (this is what the french country folk have for the first meal of the day and the next meal is mid-day and thats the main 2 hour meal,
We made it in time for the viewing and returned 3 weeks later to sign and pay for the house, we stayed for a week and noted what we needed to do the first thing was to decorate in a future date, that house had'nt seen a paint brush for years "But again the wall paper was all roses, (even the ceiling)

Good night folks,


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