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Peace perfect peace

Can you believe its Saturday already?
The weeks really gone fast,
Even our posty has been and gone today, (she delivered our collection bottle)

"If your having breakfast dont read the next bit"

The delivery is something the french goverement send every year and your to fill it with defication and take it to the Pharmacy, and they send it away for testing to see if you have the likes of cancer or any serious early stages of anything,
a good idea, (if you send the correct stuff) my last results said i was having pups!:p

But to be serious the medical system here is very good, even the flue jabs are free and they send you a notice of when your to have yours,

But we're no different to our plants "They" need care and if you try that little bit harder you'll get better results than if you do nothing,
Ive for the last three weeks been water feeding verious plants with 2 table spoon full of epsom salts to a gallon of water and the results are good,

Well ive a mass of things to do today and as its a little cooler i might get some outside work done,
When its boiling hot it puts you off doing the hard stuff,

Im going to continue to thin the pears, ive far to many on the tree and if you dont thin them out they'll just break the branch and what fruit you get is smaller,
Better removing and having bigger juicy fruit,

Well folks until later this evening i'll say have a nice one(y)


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