Monstera Albo Borsigiana

Dec 15, 2020
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United Kingdom
Hey, I finally bought a monstera also after months of wanting one and a few scares with thinking I've found ones in supermarkets aha. The image below is the cutting that I will be receiving. As I have never owned one of these beautiful plants before I wanted to ask a few questions to make sure that I get everything right and that nothing goes wrong with trying to grow it.
-The plant was originally rooted by the owner in perlite (not sure if you can see but there are some new smaller roots growing from the large aerial roots), so I was just wondering should I carry on with growing it in perlite?
-The aerial roots are very large and the new roots are so far only growing from the parts near the base of the stem. I'm worried that the aerial are too long to fit into the vase that I'm putting them in so should I just cut them short?
-Also how does the cutting look in terms of growth points for a new stem? I think it looks pretty okay but wanted to get a second opinion as with this type of plant you can never be too careful!

Thank you in advance to anyone that responds to this!


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Jul 18, 2022
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United States
I hope this care guide will help you. Have a nice day and enjoy.

Cheese Plant (Monstera Deliciosa) Indoor Care Guide​

Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera deliciosa) is an epiphytic tropical vine with large, distinctive leaves. The leaves are green and heart-shaped, with deep furrows running along their length. The plant produces edible fruits that smell like a combination of pineapples and bananas. Although the vines can climb as high as 20 feet, 8 to 12 feet is their limit when grown indoors. It is native to regions of Mexico and Panama.


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