Man who plans on retiring at 102

Jul 17, 2018
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Bob Vollmer

A 102-year-old man who is Indiana's oldest state employee is retiring after nearly six decades on the job, saying that "your body tells you when it's time to go.''

Bob Vollmer plans to report to work for the last time Feb. 6 as a surveyor for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The southern Indiana man, whose mother lived to be 108, joined the state agency in 1962.

The World War II veteran still travels Indiana collecting technical field data and confirming boundary lines for DNR-managed properties, but he said that his body finally is telling him it's time to retire.

"I guess your body tells you when it's time to go,'' Vollmer told WXIN-TV. ``Doctors tell me that's one reason I'm still going. I got good lungs.

,...some more in the linked article. 102 and still on the job. Survived WW2. I guess getting out in all kinds of weather collecting technical field data kept him going.


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