Look at it from the weeds thoughts !!!!

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Peace perfect peace

A lone with others all around.
I feel so alone "standing here in this one spot of ground,
Listening to comments made as the host offers food and drink to all but me thats around,

Not once has a nice word been said about me, Only how fantastic the pink one over there is And oh look at whats just arrived, I must offer drink "refereshment"
It's a good thing to do in this heat if ever one is to survive ,

But again the host just passed me by not a smile, And i just dont know what ive done wrong or why ?
But she did say she'd be back in a short while or so,

As all thats around me enjoy the drink and food and the loving care thats being shared,
I feel it will soon be time to say goodbye as the host returns with a hoe in hand and her eye's looking at me,:bigtears:

Oh i wish i could have been a nice rose or sweet pea, But lifes so short for a weed like me.


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