May 10, 2019
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Like most gardeners or anyone that buys and uses tools its always a good idea to look after your tools
After alls said and done your the one using them and want them to do what they're made to do,

Ive a very quick and simple way of keeping any of the hand gardening tools in good order and at the same time using waste oil up,
I got myself an old 45 gal oil drum and cut it down so that it's now approx 3ft high with the bottom of the drum intact,

I made sure all the way around the edges we're bent over so no sharp cutting edges are now on the drum and then i found a nice corner of the shed for it to live for the rest of its life, The drum was then 3/4 filled with both sharp sand and grit mixed and to this i add any old lawn mower engine oil have and after any of the tools are finished with each time i use them ie Spade/fork/hoe/ hand trowl etc etc all these tools are cleaned off any soil and then given a good sand/ & oil bath,
Just by dipping the tools well into this tub up and down a few times your not only giving them a clean but also a little bit of greasing and this will only do your tools good,

Remember if you try this idea that the drum needs tobe under cover as if water gets into the drum it'll be very messed up.


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