Leafs problem with Dracaena

Jul 20, 2022
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I am writing here since I have a problem with my Dracaena; it looked healthy but the leaves have started to turn brown. In the beginning, it was only few of them at extremity, but now also the lower plants have started having this problem and some leaves are fully brown. Furthermore, even the new leaves are turning brown.

I have read it could be how I water the plant, so I tried unsuccessfully to water more frequently and also spray the leaves, and then the opposite (once per week), but the problem persists. I have also read that the plant could be sensitive to fluoride but here in Switzerland the content in water is very low. Could be a problem with the roots or the pot dimension? I also thought maybe it is not humid enough - my orchids are pretty healthy though.

Any advice to help me to save the plant is highly appreciated!



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Jul 17, 2022
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No experience with these type of plants but this is an interesting read through about a type of Dracaena plant and what's more the person asking the question is also from Switzerland so it's possibly partly you're regional conditions that contribute to problems with these type of plants:

They mention a yellow band between the green and brown on the leaf as being possibly flouride related!
Some leaves also seem to have bit of brown on the edges?

A small spot here and there that might be a fungus they say but then that also now brings us to the next point that I would personally investigate first as that fully yellow leaf low down is interesting too:

They mention not having it sat in water and maybe the root ball needs more access to air like if the inner pot could be sat on a drip tray filled with stones/marbles perhaps. Finally they mention having more light and also the type of soil mix.

I could be wrong but I suspect it's a little too much water for the type of pot? and hence also some excess flouride maybe too. If it was me I'd probably carefully try the drip tray thing first. Let the roots breath a bit especially if they looked a bit brown and stagnant and only ever cautiously consider the thought of treating any fungus as it's not that clear if that's an issue. I don't like adding anything that could be harmful to plants. Maybe you should look at repotting at some point if things don't improve. I wish I could be of more help but I lack the knowledge and experience to say for sure what the issue is. Good luck and take care :)

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