Laptop Woes

Jan 31, 2018
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Keir Hardy
United Kingdom
I've changed my four year-old Lenovo laptop for a "refurbished" HP.
The Lenovo developed a common problem with them, When it felt like it the "t, y and back space" stopped working. Usually in the middle of me typing an e-mail. There was a "get-around" in that I could finish the e-mail, typing as usual, then I could go into "symbols" then copy and paste the missing "ts" and then the "ys."
I put up with that for a couple of days.

Anyway my friendly local computer shop sorted me the HP for which I traded in the Lenovo and they moved all my stuff programmes and trivia etc.,over.
I've a year's guarantee with the HP.

However the bulk of my "stuff" (financial records, photos, mp3s, correspondence etc.,) I keep on a separate hard drive, so was unaffected.

I was only without it for a day. So for me, it wasn't a problem.
I can't find it now, but I'm sure the meme on another board would amuse some. It was a photo of a girl with a laptop and the caption.

"It's been all of five seconds and I've yet to receive my password retrieval e-mail."


Mar 22, 2019
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United States
I have a Lenovo laptop and it used to have this security HDD Password. I spoke to many PC repair shops and many of them said they couldn't fix it. I finally found a repair technician who could.

Now, my Lenovo is working pretty good. It's much better than my previous laptop Toshiba L505D-S5965. Toshiba had the worst battery life, wasn't compatible with Windows 10, and the energy supply went dead.

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