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Peace perfect peace

Morning all,
Just thought i'd say hi,
Well its another sunny day here in france and i had a really good walk early on, I went by myself as the boys didnt want to know at 5am,
Its only just over a week since the father-law was put to rest and im not sleeping to well,
So i went for an early morning walk along the river bank,
I was up before the cows had got on four legs, they looked over at me but stayed laying down, "lovely sight"
And then the dawn chorus started and as i sat on the bank thinking of what was and was'nt said my thoughts was interupted by a couple of deer's eating
I dont think they had any idea i was watching them, But it was only through my eye sight and not a gun's,

The waters a very relaxing sound as it runs along the river and then the little wrens decided i was'nt any threat and they took a bath, and then took off,
and so did i, (took off i mean)
On the way back the cow's walked over the field to say hi and walked along their side of the wire until they could walk no further and i walked on home,

It's a good thing to have a place you call home and really enjoy it.
Have a nice day folks and remember do something nice for someone else or animal, you'll be glad you did:finger:

CD Playing T Rex get it on




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