Its good to have a workshop, "A man cave"

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Peace perfect peace

The day started off as i thought it would and all was going well, the area i prepered yesterday was looking good and the plants had all been planted and watered,
I refilled the mantis (its only got a small tank) and took the tines off and cleaned them and removed some bit"s that had got caught up around the tine mounting axle,
And all that was left to do was check it starts ok for later on work, But it was'nt having any of it,
Could it be spark plug worn ?
Or air filter problem?
Or fuel not getting through?
Well all the above answers we're NO NO NO.
And so it was a case of getting the machine to the workshop and checking whats gone wrong,

The coffee was put on, as was ROD stewart , CD? First cut is the deepest, and Henry was given one of his dog biscuits,

The machine was given an air line blow job, and then off came the air filter and there was the fault , the wire that control's the fuel from the carb and the trigger that pulls this attached wire had become loose and both nuts we're just about hanging on, "You cant see these when the air filter cover is in place, so you've no way of knowing they've become loose"

Once tightend and the cable oiled the machine started first pull,
I think every home should have a workshop we're you can do such as repairs on anything and have a place thats dry warm & good lighting, and has that nice feel to it,
My wife likes getting all kinds from the charity shed, (its an old black smiths shop in the village) and doing them up ready for her twice a year village sale,
I like the woodwork/motor cycle & general mans things i do in the workshop,

And Henry our rescued dog, well as long as his biscuit tins got plenty in it and the sleeping area's free (ie any place he can get in the way, doorway, infront of the bench, at the top of the stairs, and he can be bribed with a reward to shift out of the way !! His a happy dog;

A house isn't just the inside, it must have a workshop/greenhouse and music outside,


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