I'm thinking of trying to grow something in an indoor fish tank...

Jun 17, 2021
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Los Angeles
United States
I have basically one of these kicking around: http://www.acrylicaquariumsdirect.com/60GallonAcrylicRectangleUniQuariumAquarium48x15x20.aspx

It's been used for various things over the years but I don't want to drill any holes in the bottom of it just in case I want to use it for fish again at some point. So it would not have drainage holes. But I was thinking of putting it on the floor next to a big window and trying to grow something edible in it using soil.

I was thinking of setting it up as a wicking bed, and the fact that it's clear will let me keep an eye on the water level (hopefully compensating for the lack of drain holes). The back portion (which would ordinarily be for filtration), I am not quite sure what to do with. I was thinking it could be a reservoir for some auto watering system. Or maybe use it as an indoor vermicompost food scrap center (and allow the worms to travel from front to back). All the green food scraps (mixed w/ brown material) could go in the back and I could just drill a few small holes at the bottom of the (blue) back wall, so that the worm leachate from the back portion can communicate with the wicking bed in the front.

But I wouldn't want it to smell bad. I am new to this stuff. So your input is very useful in all this stuff. Let me know if anything here is stupid.

I really wanted to fill the thing up a lot. To give lots of room to roots. And then I wanted to plant some sort of productive tree. The window where it might end up in front of is south facing. So I'm expecting decent light (we haven't signed on the place yet so I'm not positive what it gets).

I can't really do sweet stuff. So I was thinking some kind of tree kale, or moringa tree, or dwarf avocado would be really cool. But then I get into should I plant more than one thing? Maybe have something smaller in the understory? I've heard that avocado is a top feeder so maybe that might not be the best choice seeing as it won't make as effective use of the leachate as something else might? Or maybe I can plant something along with the dwarf avocado which will make effective use of the leachate?

I think it would be really cool to make this as balanced an ecosystem as I can indoors without having lots of annoying bugs. So worms would be cool. But also all the other good stuff that I can get in there. Bacterial, fungal, and otherwise. And my ultimate goal is good health food and ideally exotic stuff that I can't usually get or just really productive and tasty choices. Or herbal stuff.

The people on this forum are really helpful so I just figured I would see what you all had to say about my idea. I guess I'm open to all suggestions really.

Thanks for reading.


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