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May 17, 2014
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For gardeners who love a challenge,

I have a pot by the entrance to our apartment. This pot is situated in a breezeway that gets no direct sun. Anyways, the space that’s bare that needs to be planted is very tight. Also, the water feature in the photo is connected to a water supply and the water feature itself doubles as an irrigation system so the soil remains constantly moist but not soggy. Because this is the front of the pot, I’d prefer spiller/creeping type foliage. I’ve tried creeping jenny and they did really well until about 2 months ago. There was a spider mite infestation but frequent neem oil treatments seem to be keeping them in check.

I’m in North Texas which is hot and humid

So to summarize,
Little to no direct sunlight
Very tight space.
Loves moist soil
Spilling/creeping foliage.

What do y’all suggest based on the information above? I attached a photo below for reference.





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