Ideas for this yard (drone photos)

Apr 20, 2017
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Hey all,

I know that is a very broad thread title but I am curious what you guys think about my soon to be backyard and my plans. I am open to all input, suggestions, advice, etc.

Here are some drone photos.



My goals that I will be working towards:
-Ideally I want as much nice green grass so I would like to take back some of the yard that is covered in ivy and in the back and left side.
-I will be getting rid of both those sheds and putting in a proper wooden one that will have power (small woodworking shop) I am thinking on the left side maybe deep left corner
-I would like s vegetable garden and am thinking of creating a nice raised bed area on the right where that Rubbermaid shed is currently.
-I personally do not like the tree in the center but it does provide nice privacy while on the deck. End goal would be to remove and have privacy from other growth along the fence
-Since that tree will stay for a bit I will clean up and create a nice area under the tree with a wooden bench build around it, so ideas for what to put under the tree

Any input is greatly encouraged I am begging for ideas here.

Thank you in advance
Aug 10, 2021
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United States
It sounds like you already have a general plan in place for your back yard.
Just a few basic points to consider.

Make certain there is enough sunlight for where you want to grow a grass lawn.

If the tree in the center is going to be removed, then long-term shade landscaping seems pointless. What is planted there now (Liriope, etc.) is probably sufficient, but plants like Hosta and Heuchera would be an easy way to jazz it up.

Still, it is a very nicely shaped tree. Is it an oak (Quercus)? A shade garden could be a lovely setting, especially in hot weather. Perhaps you will decide to keep it after all.

If you want evergreen privacy shrubs along the fence, plant them sooner rather than later, but consider that shrubs planted for sun conditions (after the tree is removed), might not grow quickly while still in the shade. Perhaps plant some fruit trees in front of the evergreen screen where light permits

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