Ice Dancing World Championship 2021 Stockholm

Jan 31, 2018
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The Tropic of Trafford
Hardiness Zone
Keir Hardy
United Kingdom
I usually record this each year and watch some, as I find it relaxing.

This young lady was first in the short programme with this routine.

She was the clear winner in the final with 233 points, despite a fall with her first jump, I think she was attempting a "quad."

2nd had 220, 3rd 217.

With this.

She'll be seventeen on Sunday.

She's Russian, but spoke perfect English in an interview.

I remember Robin Cousins saying a few years ago, that the juniors are now doing what he and his fellow skaters could do back then and now the seniors routines would back then have been considered, "science fiction."

Much as I liked Torvil and Dean's Bolero, it now looks a bit pedestrian compared to today's routines.

The pairs winners. The syncronicity is astounding,

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