I need a ground cover safe to plant over my septic drainfield

Jul 5, 2019
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United States
So I have been reading and reading. Here\'s my ideal ground cover. At minimum, it has to be shallow-rooted, not thirsty, non-aggressively-spreading, and doesn\'t attract bees (allergic roommate). Also, I would prefer less than about 15\" tall, and would love to have one of those 6\" tall covers.

I would like it to be low-maintenance, though I can spread soaker hoses through the area in summer. It is for a backyard that is almost all septic drainfield; it gets full sun from about 12pm to 3p in summer, haven\'t measured in winter. (We live in Seattle.)

There is no need for it to flower, but if it does, I read that red flowers don\'t attract bees. We won\'t be walking on it. We have no deer, only raccoons and rats. There may be a dog in the yard in the future. I don\'t know if the soil is acidic or alkaline; mostly, it consists of dirt from decayed pine needles, but some of it is rocky and poor.

Wow, what a list - I appreciate you taking the time to read it. Does any plant come to mind? Thank you so much!


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