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Peace perfect peace

Greetings slug hunters,
Well ive been for walkies and ive scrubbed up well and in my nicest shorts/ "T" shirt and jesus christ wellies (sandles)
Ive been told im driving and we're off to the larger town (18miles away) to go to the super U store for our monthly big shop,
And im aready hating the idea,

All those old farts who ram you with the trolly's and then say sorry and look for the their next victim, and the ones who are built the size of houses who insists on grouping in the middle of the isle's and when you say in a nice way "Excuse" as your trying to push a well stacked 1 ton trolly load to get past these human barn doors on legs
who come to the store to have a chat and block every available passage way "they look at you in shock" as if to say "we're talking" go and find another isle to push that food trolly down,
Im not looking forward to todays run up to world three shop war,
But the garden will still be here when i get back battered and bruised,

Wish me luck:(


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