How do I make my catnip grow?

Jul 14, 2020
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S.E. Vermont
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I've had this started since the start of June and they have not grown any in weeks. They seem to be stuck at half an inch. Do I need to pull all but one out of each starter cell? Should I water my starter tray with my pond water to help fertilize it some? Should I just plant it outside where it will get some real sun the size it is now? Am I watering the tray too much? I have some forget-me-not and watercress in the other side of this that needs to stay constantly wet, so maybe it's just too much water for the catnip? If so I can just water the one side daily and let the catnip dry out between waterings. Also, how many hours should the grow light be on for? I currently have it set to be on 8am-9pm. I can't have it on before 7am or the light will disturb my sleep as I do not sleep soundly til around daybreak and it has to be pitch black for me to get to sleep. I could leave it on later though, til like 11pm.


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