Hello I'm new to the forum ....plant ID required

May 7, 2020
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United Kingdom
Hello everyone :)

I have an indoor plant that I can't identify. I've had it many years. I thought it might be a Pathos (Devil's Ivy) but don't think it is as there are no trailing, hanging bits. I also need some advice on re-potting it. It was neglected for years, sometimes being stuck in a room corner and some leaves turning brown, torn and crispy at the edges. I decided to strip those away yesterday and now I am keen to see it thrive again and grow new leaves. It seems a bit pot bound to me (after years of neglect but it still stayed alive, miraculously - so it must be pretty tough cookie). What kind of soil should I use if I repot it? Would John Innes No.2 do the trick or do I need No.3?

1 . Can anyone identify this bigger plant for me?
2. Can it be repotted in early May or is it too late? There is no new growth on it as yet.

I also have another plant - a Venus (with nice feathery light leaves). Can anyone give advice on how to look after it. It was doing so well a couple of weeks ago, growing lots of new leaves and it turned really nice and bushy. But then I moved it within the same room (still same amount of sunlight) and half the leaves starting turning dark green and shrivelled. Now I've stripped most of those shrivelled stems away and it's rather spartan again. Is there any chance the leaves will grow to make the plant nice and bushy and lush again?

I have a lot to learn about indoor gardening, but my interest in growing steadily.

Your advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Feb 21, 2020
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United States
I think the plant is a Anthurium: but I don't know which one. If you transplant now, just increase the pot size only 2 inches. If you put the plant in too large of a container, it will hold too much water. So keep the pot small and use a recommended soil from your local nursery person. Thanks for sharing sorry for the delay.

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