Hello from Colorado!

Aug 17, 2022
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Denver, CO
United States
Hi, I've been getting into gardening in college and I came here because I need advice! I bought a little 4 inch pot from Happy Roots Plant Pots which I love because it's bottom watering, and I got an adorable trellis to go with it. Because it's the perfect pot of course I want the perfect plant to go in it and also climb up the little trellis. I was thinking of doing something a little crazy but I'm not sure if it will work -- my favorite climbing flower is blue moon wisteria and I was looking at seeds on Etsy. I don't know anything about wisteria and I never see it in Colorado, so I am hesitant. Is it a good idea to start seeds this time of year? Will it climb up my little trellis as a young plant? How long will it take to flower? How soon will I need to repot it and will it survive on the Front Range if I eventually plant it in the ground? Would it be okay to stay in containers? Please help!

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