Hand pollinating squash

Apr 3, 2022
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East TN
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I'm having some trouble with some of my cucurbits being pollinated.

I have 2 honeyboat squash plants that pollinated good and have a dozen fruits on those. I am happy with those.

I have 2 red kuri squash plants that has poorly pollinted and has maybe 2 fruits on them. Mostly male flowers right now but I have had to discard half a dozen embryos that didn't pollinate.

I have 1 cucumber plant that didn't pollinate at all. It is about 6 feet tall. I have successfully grown 1 cucumber for the past few years but not this year. It is partially my fault for only growing 1 plant I suppose. I guess I'll be doing 2 plants from now own.

I had 2 yellow squash plants that started out pollination poorly early in the year but then took off as I couldn't hardly keep the squash picked off.

Anyways I'm thinking about doing some hand pollinating which I have never done before. What is the window of opportunity, how long do the flowers stay open for?


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