Growing Galangal - Advice and Tips Please

Feb 10, 2015
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Hello guys. =)

I'm very curious if any of you had experience in growing galangal (lengkuas). This is what it looks like:

I want to grow it for my own purposes because it's very hard to find in the markets here. I really like the scent that galangal adds to food. It's quite different from ginger.

In my country, galangal is foraged from the mountains and most people do not know if it could be cultivated or not. This is also the primary reason why galangal is not found often in markets, particularly here in the city.

Because I live in the city, advice on planting it in pots or other smaller spaces is also much appreciated.

The aroma it adds to the food is very unique which is why I'm hard pressed to find a substitute. If you also know substitutes, please also feel free to tell us here.


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