Greenhouse or indoor Light supplemented seed starting

Mar 9, 2017
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Norfolk, Virginia, US
United States
So the majority of the Gardening I have done has been from PA to GA and no farther west than WV.
I'm currently in south eastern VA, We get the seasons as far as I'm concerned, and a few extra.

So In my experience I've always stuck seed directly in the ground and have had literally no issues ever, except for okra and celery maybe a few straggling tomatoes and some greens that get too hot. Ultimately the only things I normally buy post sprout are peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, and really that is it.

This year I want to start everything from seed, especially flowers! Last year we had so few bees, and this years not looking any better. So here's where I'm at: A Kitchen table full of things sprouting or waiting to sprout, I'm pretty clear of frost. I don't want my plants to die off in a week, but I also don't want them to grow into 6" sprouts. So I'm looking for advice.

Green house or get a light? They both have immense positives and cons. Indoor lights cost money, working indoors can (IMO) create an environment susceptible to fungus and bugs. Outdoor grow houses green houses etc. tend to be big or tiny, big ones are expensive tiny ones blow away. No matter where to start I typically check on everything once a day (For a while) twice if I'm up early. With indoor lights I can garden butt naked, with a greenhouse if it rains well I get wet. Temperature and humidity are also somewhat important and maybe where I should do more research because ultimately nothing is surviving in a dessert, but I don't want what's growing on my neighbors work boots finding its way in a humid greenhouse. Houses typically have thermostats so indoors is fairly easy to set and forget. Greenhouses, however, need more attention from what I've seen whether its time opening and closing vents or more electronic devices to control the environment.

Side Note:
I used to grow mushrooms in a greenhouse. I would keep a bottle of 1% H2O2, 1% NaClO, and 5-10% of a Volatile, typically rubbing alcohol. Other than adding more substrate to the greenhouse I used the chemicals to combat various issues. I also had this hygrometer to control temperature and humidity, sadly this setup is gone. It was amazing, insightful and once it started ran for over a year.


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