Grapevine Fertilizer or Compost (or Both)

Mar 20, 2021
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Hello all! I live in Cyprus in the Mediterranean, zone 10a. I've just planted two grapevines that I will train over a large arbor in my front garden. I was told I need to fertilize these plants regularly, but I want to stay organic. Should I purchase an organic fertilizer, and if so, what type do you recommend? Anyone with any experience with organic fertilizer and grapes?

My concern is that I've read using any fertilizer is not good for your soil, that in general it's better to use compost around your plants. Healthy soil should provide all the necessary nutrients to plants. Fertilizer is not the best for soil composition. What are you thoughts?

I do compost, and should have rich compost available regularly for my plants. But I'm not sure compost is going to be good enough for the grapevines to ensure they grow and produce enough fruit. So any input would be welcome.



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