Geranium leaves turning brown

May 30, 2022
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Santa Barbara, CA
United States
I have a geranium in a large pot that has been doing beautifully, but all of a sudden the leaves began turning brown and the flowers dying. I checked online and the first thing I found said to use liquid copper, that this was a fungal issue. Well, I got the liquid copper and upon reading the label, it sounds like I need a Hazmat suit to deal with this stuff and that it shouldn’t be used anywhere where it might run into storm drains (this pot is on my front patio and this could occur). I also see some holes in a few leaves, but only a few. No obviously sign of any other pests on the plant. I am in central CA on the coast and I’m sure I haven’t overwatered this plant. Maybe underwatered. Is Neem Oil a possible alternative? Does the whole plant need to be reported in new soil?
Thanks for any ideas.


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