Garlic growing question

Jul 29, 2022
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Vancouver, Wa
United States
Hi all. Just joined and have a garlic growing situation I need some help understanding. I have been growing garlic with good success for about 10 years. I use garlic farm cloves and some of my own hold over cloves to plant. I plant in the fall, usually in mid October. Everything was going well until spring. Our spring was very wet. Record amounts of rain. The stalks grew fast, thick and tall. I harvested when about 50% of the leaves were brown (this is when I usually harvest) in mid July. So, everything is going as usual. More than half of the bulbs were small and had no clove wrappers. Made no difference whether they were my carry over cloves or those that I had purchased. I pulled all of them and could not very well replant them. I bunched them up and hung them as I usually do under my deck roof where it is warm and dry. About 5 days after I hung them, the scrapes started growing-fast! I clipped them off. So I have got many bulbs with unprotected cloves which I will freeze I guess, rather than storing them whole. Still have some good garlic but will just have to preserved the differently. Any ideas what happened here. The only thing different from past years was the amount of rain.

I tried to find a garlic forum. If there is one, maybe the Moderator could move it.



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