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May 10, 2019
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Greeting to all slug searchers,
Ive had a phone call from a friend asking me if i could help get the belt back on his ride-on,
Ive replaced the very same belt last year and i was amazed at the state of the mower, even the battery was flat along with the tyres,

Im very lucky as im into engines/etc and understand the importance of looking after the verious machines we all use in the garden,

But wouldnt you think the verious garden tv programs would have a section dealing with the basic machine "what to check pre use?
And how to put your vehicle into winter storage??????
Im not saying do a full service "but to change a sparking plug even drain and change the oil and oil/air filter isn't hard, grease the nipples, etc
and save yourself a small fortune and understand what the machines are designed for, (mis-use of any tool/machines is the cause of damage)

It's not rocket science to understand how the mower should be pre use , ie tyre pressure correct and why or should i say what happens to your lawn if you try to cut the grass with low trye pressure?
The underside of the cutting area not clean and free from hard cut grass ??
The fire risk of dried grass sitting on the top of the cutting "skirt" (platform)
what is a platform?
And so on ,
All the above could be cleared up in a few very valuable part of such programs after all gardening and garden machines of all kinds are used a lot more by the average household gardener and not just the professionnel person.

Do you agree??


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