fruit tree's Yes Yes Yes.

May 10, 2019
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If i was asked are fruit trees worth buying the answer would be "Yes" every time,
providing you've the space i think you cant really go wrong,

Think of it this way for what you pay for lets say an apple tree or pear and you plant it in your garden After its settled and your getting fruit then you'll always get your investment back "year after year and the way fruit prices keep going up again you cant really go wrong,

Its approx 7years until an apple tree gets to its full mature state,
Thats not to say you wont get a crop before the 7yrs period and the uses the fruit can give for the home is more than just having apple pie for dinner,
the fruit can be made into drinks / chutney/ and a whole lot more,

Ive a good sized orchard and its been well worth the effort buying/planting and harvesting plus the birds love the cherries etc.

If you want regular fruit have a think about the planting your own orchard you wont regret you did it.


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