First real go at a decent garden

Jan 31, 2023
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Suffolk county NY
United States
Hello everyone, New here and would like some feedback on this attempt to utilize this space efficiently (ZONE 7a). Attached a CAD plan of what I'm thinking; also attached are some pictures of my first time planting... really anything. I cleared this back area and planted 3 asparagus crowns from good ol' Home depot, and about 4 cucumbers I started in a tray. there are also 2 existing raised beds about 3'x5', Only planted one and that did very well with seedlings from the grocery store, even with crowding issues hah.

This area is the South West corner of my back yard, mostly full sun. The West and South barriers are vinyl siding (wood fence was recently replaced) and I will be repurposing some vinyl coated chain-link to complete the other 2 sides. I'm really uncertain on spacing, from what I've found this should do pretty okay? I plan on growing everything from seed except the asparagus. The Tomatoes will be Burpee San Marzano variety, Burpee states these are Indeterminate but I've seen them to be Determinate elsewhere. Should I be concerned with the space I've allotted being Burpee indicated indeterminate? I plan on at least steaking these with large stakes if not cages.

I really liked the Zucchini from last year and found many uses for it, it was also quite resilient as I was able to cut it clean off from some vine borers and replant for it to continue to produce. I think weaving the Zucchinis and Cucumbers with the Chain link may add an interesting texture while staying functional. I don't think I will plant as many Cucumbers as I'm showing, I think I'll do some bunches in 2's or 3's with a snow pea in-between.

Other than the 2 existing raised bed, everything will be direct planted into the ground, the shed will be moved and the area will be expanded just before the raised beds, they will remain outside the fence.

Really would appreciate feedback on:
Spacing of plants and overall layout
Covering for walking/outside of the planting areas, thinking cardboard or newspapers I can later turn into the soil...? or gravel?
Anything you may notice that wont play well?

Bought this house end of '21 and last year was my first try growing anything. If you've made it this far thanks for sticking around and thanks for any advice in advance, much appreciated!


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