Jun 11, 2022
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N. Central Arizona
United States
Anyone else growing outdoor perennial Ferns? I live in North Central Arizona. Snow off and on in the Winter. Sometimes right up till the day before Mothers Day. And Hot Summers that can be dry or a bit rainy. This summer is going to be dry they say, (That Sucks). So I started my first ever Shade Garden. I never spent so much money on outdoor plants in my life. Astilbe, Coral Bells, Bleeding hearts and FERNS and more. They are all planted in a heavy organic soil. Plenty of water and a bit of sun here and there. From Cinnamon Ferns, Ostrich Ferns, Lady Ferns and a few others I can't remember. All bought from different sellers on the internet. And all Bare Roots. Most are coming up. But it seems slow going to me. Is that normal? I'm really looking forward to a nice little path of pavers and maybe a fountain or small pond. But if the plants don't make it, meaning... (Grow big). I may scrap the shade garden. I actually have great patience, but lets face it. Sun lovers grow FAST. Maybe I'm not a Shade Plant kinda guy? Maybe I need some sort of Super Grow Fern Food. Do they make that? I'm looking to make a nice little "Wetlands Look". So far, it looks like nice dark wet soil with a frond or two sticking up. And they just look like a green grass snake, striking a pose. I'm looking for ABUNDANCE...... Lots of green with a dapple of reds and rusts and silvers from the Hostas and Coral Bells.


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