Feeding container vegetables



Feb 2, 2014
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Tarpley Tx
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I have a container vegetable garden. How often can I feed it? It seems to stay hungry.
All plants are different in their nutrient requirements. Also the amount of macro and micro nutrients (NPK and trace elements) vary from brand to brand. Usually liquid fertilizers are used more frequently than granular. Synthetic fertilizers are used less often than organic fertilizers. So, I didn't answer your question but I can tell you what I do. I am a 100% organic vegetable gardener. I don't allow synthetic anything on my property and I feed all of my plants a little each time I water them, whether it be a small handful of granular or fish emulsion mixed at 1/2 rate. One has a very difficult time using too much organic fertilizers but I would not try this using synthetic fertilizers.

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