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Peace perfect peace

evening slug hunters,
Well its the end of another day and here in france deep "very deep" in the countryside you wouldnt be shocked if "as ive told you befor" its so silent you could hear a mouse fart,
Well not so tonight "No" its 11-45pm and this roaring sound of not one put two tractors are going up and down the fields to the rear of us collecting hay.

The owl's are screaming like hell because the mice etc are running away and because the tractors have these great big lights bluring across the fields the owls wont take a chance and try to get the mice,

Talk about peace perfect peace:rolleyes:
But tomorrow sunday and the 7th day of the week (Gods day and church day for all those who believe)
So im going to get my drums near to the barn top floor doorway and at 11am when the church bells have ceased and the god squad are about to pray im going to practice what i played in many a night club years ago a bit of ginger Baker (late of cream) and i'll beat hell out of those drums,

On the cd ive garth brooks singing "If tomorrow never comes"

Well ive had a good day in the garden and ive continued on the border clearing out all sorts of weeds and bramble's, near the bottom of the Laurel hedge

When your honest with yourself and think about it hedges are fantastic things really, I mean when did you last feed your hedge ?
We feed all kinds of shrubs ie Roses/ honey suckle etc but we dont offten think about the hedge ?

"Hey" Whats this ? The tractors have died, the engines have packed up and silence has arrived, Even the owls have gone quiet !!
I think life has returned to as i know it, Or has my battery in this hearing aid packed up ? I'll just have a look:mooning:
"No" its still working so the farmers have gone home And to bed,
I think I'll join them, Well not in bed. No in sleep perfect sleep.
Good night all,:yawn:


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