DIY Automatic watering system

Aug 13, 2020
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United States
i live on a rooftop in Los Angeles with about 20 different large pot plants that are spread out on a rooftop deck. Photo attached. you can see roughly 6-7 of them in this photo. Anyhow, when we go out of town, we have been hiring a person to water the plants for us. my wife is interested in setting up some DIY sysmte with a garden hose with holes punched in or a PVC pipe that has holes that can water the plants every 2-3 days. can this be done? along with an automatic water meter?

maybe something like this?

so the idea is that we connect the water timer to the faucet line, then connect PVC pipes or garden hose to the timer. we punch holes in PVC pipes at each plant, or garden hose with holes.

will pressure be enough to travel this long distance to water the plants?

pure novice here, thanks.


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